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My Hot Chicks

September 9, 2008

Actually, it’s my lovebird’s hatchlings…sounds Hot Chicks to me! 🙂

I’ve posted about the breeding I did between a typical male and Albino female lovebirds a while ago here. And between them, two new hatchlings were born about 2 weeks ago; finally the hatchlings pop their head out in their cozy nest.

(The father lovebird watching his two hatchlings.)
(Father and Mother lovebirds guarding their hatchlings.)

I’ll post about other hatchlings from another breed between
an Albino male and a typical female lovebird soon. Why sooner, because I
couldn’t take the shot when their hatchlings pop their head out in their nest.
The good thing about their chicks is one of them has a trade mark from their
father which is red-eyed. Isn’t that amazing?