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Logan, the Sky Angel Cowboy

May 26, 2008

While blog hopping today, I run into one of my blogrolls post titled “A message from God” by Inside a Bum’s Mind and I’m sharing to you now the same embedded YouTube content of his that put tears in my eyes about a special 13-year old boy ‘Logan’. read more…


My Cross-Breed Parakeet isn’t Red-Eyed

May 20, 2008

I’ve crossed-breed a female Albino Parakeet from a typical male Parakeet and the result wasn’t I expect because the offspring isn’t reddish-eyed. read more…

My Featured Advertisements goes Live!

May 17, 2008

My new feature titled Featured Advertisements went Live today and I’m now accepting submissions of your banner ads to be viewed on my blog for the next seven (7) days – no charge at all, absolutely FREE. read more…

Erik Spoelstra – Filipino NBA Coach

May 2, 2008

Erik Spoelstra, a Filipino, become the youngest head coach in the NBA from his long-time career as coach assistant for the team Miami Heat while replacing Hall-of-Famer coach Pat Riley. read more…